Cook this Recipe: Malunggay Honey Tea

26 01 2013

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Recipe: Malunggay Honey Tea

Did you know that malunggay or “moringa” in english has been declared by scientists as a “miracle vegetable.” Oh yes, that oval, dark-green plant has definitely some bragging rights up its leaves!

How to make malunggay tea:

1. Air dry stems of malunggay leaves for 3-4 days

2. After it has dried, remove the leaves from its stalks. Crush the leaves using your own clean hands and single out the stem parts. It may take time but if you have a grinder, much better. Crush until it becomes into powder like form.

3. To make a tea, boil 2 tbsp of powder with 5 glasses of water for 2-3 minutes under low fire. As you notice the powder starting to submerge, you can now turn off the heat.

4. It’s up to you if you want to strain or drink the tea with tiny bits of malunggay powder in it.For that added sweetness, put 1 tsp of honey into your cup of hot tea. You also have the option to drink it cold. Simply let it sit for minutes until the tea loses its heat before transferring into a glass of pitcher and store in refrigerator.

Enjoy Malunggay Honey Tea hot or cold and reap the health benefits of this wonder herb.

via Cook this Recipe: Recipe: Malunggay Honey Tea.




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