The Amazing Benefits of Moringa Oleifera as A Breast Feeding Supplement

16 09 2012

The Amazing Benefits of Moringa Oleifera as A Breast Feeding Supplement

Submitted on June 5, 2012 – 07:20

By: Paul Baterna

(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 15, 2012 ) Homestead, Florida — Moringa is one of the fastest growing tree on Earth. It produces seed pods and fruits that are widely consumed because of its nutritional and medicinal properties. Thanks to the nutrients that it contains, it is known worldwide as the Miracle Tree. Some may even refer to it as a superfood. A lot of people may benefit from eating the fruit pods and leaves of this tree as it is reported to treat or alleviate about 300 disorders or diseases in the body.

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moringa as a galactagogue

This plant is particularly used by lactating and expectant mothers. This is because aside from all the nutrients that it contains, it is also said to have the ability to increase the milk production of a lactating mother. The fruit pods and leaves of Moringa contain natural constituents that help to promote lactation. By taking these, mothers are able to provide significant amounts of milk that their baby needs. Truly, Moringa is considered as one of the most natural galactogogue there is. There are clinical tests that can prove this benefit.

Moringa As a Breast Feeding Supplement

Because of the wide recognition of the benefits of Moringa and the increasing need of people for nutrition, many companies like Baterna Farms have thought of a way to bring this amazing vegetable not only in the kitchen but to medicine cabinets too. In the event that a person does not like to eat or he can’t find a way to grow this tree in the garden, lack of nutrition can be complemented by taking a piece or two of this nutritional supplement. Moringa supplements come in a variety of forms – tablets, capsules, teas and many more.

Due to its ability to produce milk in expectant women, many obstetricians have included Moringa supplements in their long list of pregnancy supplements. The best thing about this is it does not only help the milk production, it also has the right calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and potassium that pregnant mothers need. This makes it one of the best supplements that pregnant women can ever take.

Moringa supplements can be taken before or after the pregnancy. Either way, it is effective in increasing milk production in mothers. In fact, studies show that the mothers who took moringa supplements produce twice the amount of milk than those who didn’t. For mothers who wish to provide their child the nutrients that are critical during the growing phase of the fetus, taking Moringa before birth would be a great idea. It is a must for every baby to receive the nutrients that he needs to boost his immune system and developing brain. This proteins and amino acids make sure that the child will be delivered healthy and strong.

About Baterna Farms:

Baterna Farms first started out as a small, personal farm in Homestead Florida. Now, the Baterna farm is regarded by horticulturists as the most diverse farm in the United States. They have acres and acres of wondrous vegetables and exotic fruits. They are more famous for their Moringa oleifera production, known as the world’s most useful tree and for a reason! Through this amazing and nutritious produce, the Baterna family wishes to enhance the health and quality of life of every individual. Whether want it fresh or in capsule form, Baterna promises to provide this amazing source of nutrition. Baterna has made the lifelong commitment of sharing this product to people from all over the world.

Baterna Farms

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