The Use Of Moringa in Preventing and Fighting Cancer

2 07 2012

Baterna Farms Explains The Use Of Moringa in Preventing and Fighting Cancer

Added: (Mon Jul 02 2012)

Pressbox (Press Release) – By: Paul Baterna

Cancer is better prevented than treated. Preventing cancer means lowering the risk for this disease, which involves regular exercise, proper nutrition and getting rid of some bad habits.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, May 31, 2012 ) Homestead, Florida — In today’s world, getting proper nutrition means eating the right type of foods. Over and over again, the health department emphasizes the need and benefits of eating organic vegetables and organic foods. Aside from making the body healthy, these foods also help in preventing and fighting cancer.

In order to further support this fact, people must understand one thing– cancer cells live and thrive on glucose. A diet that is high in carbohydrates poses a great risk of getting Cancer. Why is this so? Carbohydrates are substances that turn into glucose when metabolized. That is why a low carbohydrate diet is highly recommended.

In addition, taking vitamin C regularly is also a great way to fight Cancer. Once the body is deprived of glucose, the cancer cells will utilize a mechanism which will allow glucose to be taken up into the cells. This exact same mechanism also takes up vitamin C, which is known to destroy Cancer cells. For best results, take vitamin C in lots of small doses all throughout the day.

Vitamin C supplements are made available for this purpose. Sadly, not everyone can afford to buy such supplements. The best to remedy this problem is by growing a garden. Vegetables and fruits are great sources of vitamin C and having a garden with all these fruits will surely come handy.

One of the best plants to grow and eat is Moringa, the famous Tree of Life. This plant is very good in giving people the nutritional content they need. In addition, it is an easy plant to cultivate, especially for people who live in dry, arid areas. Among all its parts, the leaves contain the most nutrients of all. When boiled or cooked, it is said to have more potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron and protein than the usual sources of these nutrients. Aside from the leaves, the pods, roots, and many other plant parts have nutrients too. In many countries, these parts are cooked and become a part of a delicious and nutritious dish.

For decades now, traditional healers are making use of Moringa as a treatment for tumors. Although there is not enough scientific evidence to prove this yet, a lot of scientists and people think that there is a rationale behind the belief of these traditional healers. This is because there are some studies which prove that Moringa has a positive effect in reducing the skin papillomas of a mice. However, no studies involving people were conducted so the use of Moringa is still vague for the healthcare industry.

This amazing potential should be scrutinized by multinational drug companies in the near future. This might just be the answer that the world needs.

About Baterna Farms:

Baterna Farms first started out as a small, personal farm in Homestead Florida. Now, the Baterna farm is regarded by horticulturists as the most diverse farm in the United states. They have acres and acres of wondrous vegetables and exotic fruits. They are more famous for their Moringa oleifera production, known as the world’s most useful tree and for a reason! Through this amazing and nutritious produce, the Baterna family wishes to enhance the health and quality of life of every individual. Whether fresh or in capsule form, Baterna promises to provide an amazing source of nutrition. Baterna has made the lifelong commitment of sharing this product to people from all over the world.

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Baterna Farms

Paul Baterna

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