Dr Oz Highlights Moringa Oleifera

13 04 2012

Dr Oz Highlights Moringa Oleifera

Dr Oz, the charismatic practitioner of health, highlights Moringa Oleifera on his show today.  Baterna Farms is pretty excited about moringa being on a national stage, as well as the growing interest in this miraculous leafy vegetable.  

Dr Oz focuses on re-energizing your body using moringa supplements or tea to kick start your day and maintain a high level of energy.  Besides the high content of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, moringa contains extraordinary high levels of chlorophyll a.  This high content of chlorophyll a. helps re-energize the body, and gives natural energy.  Pretty much akin to caffeine, without hitting the wall or crashing.  One of my favorite NBA stars, Dwayne Wade, has a great article about his usage of chlorophyll in his diet:


Natural energy is just one of the wonderful facets of this leafy vegetable.  There’s so much information referencing how moringa is such a treasure trove of wonder!  Dr Oz is a great start in recognizing this miracle tree on a national stage, and it will only get better as it gains more momentum!




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