[yahoo] Moringa Leaves and its effects on blood pressure, blood sugar, breast milk production, and anemia:

16 02 2012

Moringa Leaves and its effects on blood pressure, blood sugar, breast milk production, and anemia:

In India, the leaves are used to normalize blood pressure and to treat anxiety. In 1994, a team of researchers identified a new nitride and mustard oil glycoside that demonstrated its ability to lower blood pressure.

An infusion of the leaf is used to reduce sugar levels though not as effectively as the standard hypoglycemia medicine.

Moringa leaves mixed with honey then followed with coconut milk drunk 2 to 3 times a day is used for diarrhea, dysentery and colitis.

Moringa leaves have been observed and documented by doctors in the health projects to increase breast milk production and the health of nursing mothers. This is due to the nutrition in the leaves especially the protein, calcium, and iron content.

Given to failure to thrive infants, it encourages weight gain and improved health due to the super packed nutritional content of the leaves.

Moringa leaves are given to improve anemia in infants, children and adults because of its high iron content. Iron tablets cause stomach distress, constipation, and are difficult to digest. Iron tablets are not easy to obtain in these poor communities. Given their compromised digestive systems due to malnutrition, the iron tablets would most likely not even be utilized by the body.

via Moringa Tree Leaves: Treatment in Aids, High Blood Pressure, Anemia, and Malnutrition – Yahoo! Voices – voices.yahoo.com.




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